EQpack is a reseller for Peli and can supply their entire range. Look at more Givetvis så kan vi också tillhandahålla inreden till väskorna helt efter era förutsättningar.

Textile-based packaging

EQpack has long experience of textile-based packaging solutions. Textile is an inexpensive, durable and gentle material where only the imagination sets the limits for what you can do with it. The pictures show some variants of the EQ pocket, a product that is used extensively in, among other things, production where the painting of smaller parts is performed separately. Contact our seller for more information


Do you need custom-made boxes? We can manufacture boxes completely according to your wishes in a variety of materials and designs. With our own manufacturing and free choice among suppliers, we can keep low prices on everything from prototypes to finished products. Contact our seller for more information


We can manufacture trusses in many different materials, designs and sizes. A simple truss can save a lot of time in, for example, assembly lines, each small part gets its own tray and the installer can quickly and easily find a comfortable workflow.

Vehicle & engineering

Vehicle and engineering The Swedish automotive and engineering industry and its subcontractors are major customers to us. Their requirements for packaging and packaging vary depending on application. Often it is required that the materials are clean, shock absorbing, resistant to oils and acids, protect against corrosion, can be reused and are easy for better ergonomics and economy. Packaging for vehicles…


Electronics Packaging and packaging for electronics products must be antistatic, clean and shock absorbing. They must also have a good, often elegant look. For electronics packaging, we mainly work with foamed materials that are antistatic, shock absorbing and insulating. We manufacture both inner packaging and boxes, which are fast and easy to pack and which are completely recyclable. The products ...